What is the significance of the shepherds?

They were among the poorest and least valued members of the community, as they still are in some countries, but God sent the angels to them so they got to seeing Jesus before anyone else. God’s values are different from Society’s.  The Lord is my shepherd was written by David who was once a shepherd and became a king.

What is an angel?

A messenger of God. Descriptions vary.  Often they appear like men, not women.  Not all have wings. It seems to depend on the nature of the task.  Some are warriors with swords.  Whether they use more modern weapons these days is a thing I do not want to find out.  Well, not directly anyway.

Tip of the Month: don’t let your Christmas fun go up in flames!

After the alarming mishap experienced by Claudia Winkleman and her family, this month’s tip has to be to keep anything inflammable away from any naked flame, and vice versa.  So many Christmas decorations and fancy-dress items are made of paper and other material that burns easily.  It is hard to see how to avoid such things.  Remember that alcohol also burns, so try not to spill your drink onto a flame.   Perhaps using only make-believe candles is the answer.  Whatever you opt for, have fun but be safe.

My New Book.

It is called “Load the Dice, A Simple Guide to Managing Risks in Small Businesses” and is available on Create Space, Amazon and Kindle among other sources. Price 9 US dollars which is just over a fiver at present and about half-price on Kindle.

CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/5163656

It is not aimed at people hoping to get a qualification in Risk Management, or to get their business accredited with ISO 9001.  There again, it might be a good place to start.

If you think Risk Management is a bit of meaningless management-speak, this is the book for you.  The World is full of risks and they all need managing.  In fact we all manage risks all the time whether well or badly.  Every decision we make involves making some assessment of the risks involved.  Risk Management is simply an attempt at doing it more explicitly, scientifically and, hopefully, effectively.

In this book you learn more about the Why and the How of Risk Management, and you will find some examples of how not to do it.    I have tried to explain it in everyday language and show how it can be applied in a small business to your advantage.

If you read my newsletter, or my blogs or articles, regularly, and I wish more people did, you may find many of the chapters look familiar, but some have been rewritten and others are totally new, especially the “how to” section.

Does your Business Plan amount to throwing the dice and seeing what you get?  Take control!  Load the dice!




In what year and month was Jesus born?

Probably 5 B.C. according to most historians.

Nobody really knows the month but probably not December. Mid-Winter would have been an unlikely time to hold census.  When Christianity spread north, Christmas replaced the existing Winter Solstice festival.

You would have been running low on hay to feed your cattle by now, so you might as well slaughter a lot of them and hold a feast. Anyway, you need something to cheer you up at this time of year!