What did Guy Fawkes do for us?

You may wonder why we should remember Guy Fawkes.  What did he do for us?

I have written about this in the following article, which I hope you will find helpful.  http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Celebrate-a-Failed-Terrorist?&id=8749994

With present-day concerns about terrorism and about religious intolerance, I think Guy Fawkes is highly relevant, but not necessarily for the reasons he would have intended.

I hope you will enjoy the Fifth but spare a moment to remember what it is all about.  Let us all learn the right lessons.

Having a run of bad luck? Is it a jinx?

I hope you have survived Halloween.  Sometimes this is the time people notice things going wrong and start seeing sinister forces at work.  The Jinx?  They say things like, “These things always go in threes” or  “I’m under a curse”.  Perhaps they have walked under a black cat or something.

See my article, as relevant now as it was when I first published it.


To defeat the Jinx, Risk Management is better than a lucky charm!  Try it.

Horse Shoe