Are you wasting money on managing risk?

You don’t want to waste money, do you? Perhaps you think Risk Management is one way you are not wasting any, especially if you are not using the services of a Risk Management consultant. Of course, you could be right, but, before you pat yourself on the back, just ask yourself how much you are spending on managing risks now. It might be more than you think. It will not be Nil.

Show me the money!

Here’s an article that may help you see how much risk management is costing you now. You could be in for a surprise, or several.

Yes, you could be spending more than you need on managing the risks in your business. A lot of people are.


Am I cheap or just economical?

You can actually more money than you spend on my fee and I will help you get the best value for money from everything you are spending on managing risks, by targeting that expenditure more effectively.

Is there a guarantee?

  • I will guarantee to carry out whatever programme we agree.
  • I will guarantee commitment and confidentiality.
  • I will guarantee that there will be no hidden charges.
  • I will guarantee that I will work within the timeframe we agree.

However, I cannot guarantee savings, until I have studied your business. If I could, I would call my business, JHM Certainty Management.

So I have to ask you to take a risk. Get in touch. I guarantee that the initial consultation will cost you NOTHING. That really is a certainty!

Will growth wreck your business?

Is growth part of your business plan for this year or next?

If so, you probably think it is likely to save your business, not wreck it. You probably don’t want to hear from negative people. Neither do I, but, sadly, a lot of businesses get into trouble when they experience growth, especially if it’s rapid.

Am I saying it is better to be static?

No!  I want to see your business grow, but I want it to continue growing successfully, not to be destroyed by one of the many landmines awaiting you. By that, I mean the risks that will appear, or change, as the business changes.

I have written about the seven landmines of growth. If you want your business to grow, and thrive, I hope you will read the article and find something in it that will keep you from stepping on a landmine.


Risk Dice

Are you ready?

Ask yourself how well prepared your business is for growth. Why not have a word with me? Most people find a meeting with me is better than stepping on a landmine. And it’s free.

Can you be asking the wrong question?

One question I am often asked is, “What risks do you manage?”

If that is the question on your mind, you are right to ask it. I will always try to answer any question from a client or potential client, or anyone else. It is obviously not a silly question. So how can it be wrong?

Risk Dice

First, you may wish to ask yourself what types of risk are important in your business. I have written about the twelve categories of risks threatening most businesses here

Can I deal with all of them? You may well ask!

Nobody an be an expert in everything. The way I could help you, if you would let me, would be to help you set up a process, so you could identify, analyse and control the risks in and around your business. I could also start you off on the right track, by carrying out a survey of your activities and asking questions about the ways in which the risks we observed are being managed.

So, what else can I do for you?

I might go into some of your risks in depth. I might direct you to someone who is an expert in a particular area. Or I might leave you to find the answers once we have identified the questions.

This brings us to another question and another article I have written to help you answer it.

It is a cliche, but true, that if you want to get to the right answer, you have to ask the right question. Ask it! Then ask me.

Can we overreact to terrorism?

What do I mean, overreact? Of course, it is difficult to imagine anyone not wanting to do everything possible to reduce the risk of another terrorist incident. Could anyone be said to overreact? Does anyone not care?

We keep hearing about the need to get tough on terrorism. Does anybody think we need to get soft on it? Mostly, such statements are not accompanied by specific proposals.

There is certainly a risk, as many people have said, that we could overreact:

  • by introducing ill-thought-out measures,
  • by throwing money at the problem,
  • by taking steps that alienate moderate Moslems and lose their cooperation and goodwill,
  • or by blaming the police or MI5 rather than trying to learn the right lessons.

However, I think there is another risk we need to consider.

The risk of giving the problem too much attention!

I have written before about the need to use statistics carefully, in blogs and in my book How to Avoid Being Misled by Statistics, go to

Think about these questions:

  • How many people have been killed or wounded by terrorist acts in this country this year? In the last ten years?
  • How many have been killed by serial killers? Gangland killings? Random acts of violence?
  • How many people are killed each year in traffic accidents,? In avoidable accidents at work?

We do not hear of demands for increased resources to protect us from killers of all kinds. We do not hear of draconian solutions being proposed to curtail our freedoms or to ensure that the Road Traffic Acts or Health and Safety Acts are enforced rigorously.

Is there not a risk that we can concentrate too much on one particular risk to the detriment of efforts to deal with many other kinds?

I am not complacent, merely asking for a sense of proportion.

What about you?

How are you prone to overreact?

  • What risk in your business do you concentrate on managing?
  • What others might you be ignoring?
  • When did you last have a Risk Management review, whether conducted by yourself or someone independent?

Is it time to  look at it again? (It’s not for the first time, surely?)

Have a chat with me, if you’re not sure. It won’t cost you anything just to talk about it.

Risk Dice