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It’s a gas! But who’s laughing?

British Gas have made record profits.  At a time when many people struggle to afford to heat their homes adequately.  Even though international gas prices are coming down.

Are they having a laugh?  At whose expense?  Yours?  It’s not funny!

So what?  What can you do about it?  

  • You could put pressure on your MP to get the Government to act.
  • You could look at ways of using fuel more efficiently.
  • Or you could switch suppliers.

I recommend the Utility Warehouse.  They can save you money on lots of things, not just gas.

Don’t take my word for it.  Get a quote.  Contact me.  01925 445215 or

Or do it yourself online.

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What have you got to lose?


A Racing Certainty?

Here is another example of how to be parted from your money without getting anything back in return, except perhaps a certain kind of education.  It is not based on personal experience but is based on a certain understanding of statistics.  It contains a warning against certain old-fashioned scams that have never quite gone away.

If we went to the races together and I told you I was going to back six winners in six races, you might be sceptical.  If after each race I showed you the stub of my betting slip and then came back from one of the bookies’ stands with a my winnings, you would probably revise your opinion.  If by the end of the day I had indeed done that six times, I suspect you would look upon me as a man who knew something about racing.  You might consider paying yo join my betting syndicate or to receive my daily tips.

If I wrote to you advising you to buy, or alternatively to sell, certain specific shares on the Stock Exchange, you might or might not take me seriously, but you would probably check the share prices to see if I was correct.  If I was, perhaps you would be more interested the next time.  If I was right six times in a row, you might consider paying to join my investment syndicate or to receive my share-tipping service.

You could obviously think of other variations on this.

What you would not know is that I had backed every horse in every race that day, but showed you only the winning slips.  Similarly, you would not know that I had advised equal numbers of people to buy as to sell every share I tipped.  I would, of course, not bother contacting the losers a second time.  If I contacted enough people in the first place I would be bound to find a few who got successful tips every time.

I would make enough out of those few subscriptions to my betting or share-tipping services to make a profit.  The fact that you would all end up out of pocket would not be my problem.

If you think a thing is too good to be true, it probably is!  Save your money, and your embarrassment.

Are you and I soulmates, like me and Boris?

In a recent interview, Boris Johnson was accused of inconsistency in some matter and instead of trying to convince everyone that there was no inconsistency, as a lot of politicians would, or giving such a long answer that we all forgot the question, he said “Let me be clear about the Johnson policy on cakes. I believe in having them and eating them, wherever possible!”

Apart from finding this refreshingly honest, I like it because I can so well identify with it. I always want to save money, but I don’t want to have to give up anything I spend it on. When I took early retirement I liked some things about no longer having a job:

  • Not having to get up every morning,
  • Not having to travel into work.
  • Not having to jump when someone says “jump!”

You could probably add to this list. But I did miss certain other things:

  • Money.
  • Having something purposeful to do.
  • Meeting people.
  • Money.

Well, some people have found a way to have their cake and eat it!

  • They buy all the things they used to, but pay less!
  • They work when and how they want and get paid for it.
  • Their work consists mainly of doing things they used to do for free and not know it!

So I have joined them a few months ago. And it works!

If you want to know more contact me at or go to  or ‘phone 01925 445215.
I haven’t told Boris yet. You could beat him to it.

Why am I called a “Distributor”?

Some people have wondered why I am called a “distributor” and not an “agent” or a “representative” of the Utility Warehouse.  Why not a “salesman”?  I certainly wondered about it myself at first.  Especially as I thought a distributor was a part of a car’s engine!

The answer turns out to be quite informative.

An agent has the authority to negotiate and bind his principal, such as the Company, to an agreement he or she has made with a client.  The Utility Warehouse does not give us any such power because it does not allow haggling.  We can only show and explain the tariffs set out by the Company and work out how they apply to particular clients: no one-off special deals to undercut the competition.

I am not a salesman because I do not really “sell” anything.  Virtually everyone uses gas, electricity, telephones etc. so I am not selling any of those services, I am merely explaining what we offer, what the options are and what each option would cost.  The client makes his or her mind up based on the potential savings, or lack of them.  There is no subjective element, where the decision would be swayed by my sales-talk.   The only “sales-pitch” if any comes when I try to persuade people to have a look at what we can offer.

So I “distribute” information about our services, and then “distribute” our services to customers who choose them.

My role is also to look after the customer after he or she has signed up.  I deal with any queries or problems they may have during the transfer process and at any time after that, so as to ensure the best possible customer care.

Do contact me if you are interested.  Let me distribute some savings to you.

My New Business Venture – Part II

I am now an authorised Distributor for the Utility Warehouse, having completed my training.  There are a lot of things I like about this role:
  • I can work as often or seldom as I want.
  • I can work at the times I choose.
  • This role fits in OK with my other business (claims handling and risk management).
  • There are incentives for meeting certain targets, but no big stick if those are not right for me.
  • I do not need to use any crafty sales techniques – that would turn me right off.
  • In fact in the training we are expressly told not do that – we do not need to as we have a competitive edge through price and service.
  • Indeed I am not really selling anything as the potential clients are all buying the products already, but at a higher cost – all I do is point that out! 
I highly recommend this – so if you are interested in either the role or the products please contact me or look on the website (see link).
And please believe me that nobody is paying me to write this, regrettably!


Support Your Local Treasurer

I went to a CIPFA Audit Risk and Governance Seminar recently and was impressed with the innovative ways many treasurers and internal auditors are trying to manage in these difficult times. I was also saddened to think that resources are so tight that authorities are having to take risks they would not want to, so as to reduce the risk of running out of money.  I was also sorry to hear how hard it is for senior managers when every attempt at saving money is met with strong opposition from various local pressure groups.  Are there people out there who still don’t get it?  Do they think funds are limitless? Tough decisions have to be made and a little more understanding from the public would be a help! Lets give people credit when they try to bring in some cost-saving measures. Lets acknowledge that they are making a real effort to serve the community, rather than just complaining at every proposed change, as if standing still was really an option.